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Re: Structural steel--isolated joints

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>I'd agree, however the attachment is only a foot or  so above the columns
>attachment to the primary crane support bent (two 10"x .25 wall pipes laced
I'll stick to my guns after seeing the crack at the connection. This 
isn't anything like a typical crane rail connection. If this were my 
problem I'd look at the whole system including a dynamic analysis. I 
think the lateral loading was underestimated. You can probably make a 
pretty good estimate of the dynamic amplification as arising from a 
suddenly imposed displacement of the scale of the misalignment of the 

If I'm not seeing things, it looks like someone tried weld repairs to the 
connector plates. I can't remember a situation like this where weld 
repairs did anything but make it worse.

I'll risk raining on the parade and say that making that connection any 
more flexible is just going to make the problem worse. 

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