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RE: Detail Review

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I have not followed this thread from the beginning so I can not comment on
the specific detail.  However, I would like to comment on Parallam PSL
manufactured by Trus Joist.  Parallam PSL is manufactured from strands of
lumber that are oriented parallel to the length of the member.  Code
evaluation report number ER-4979, Table 4, lists allowable design stresses
for  Parallam.  This table shows stresses for when the applied load is
parallel to the wide face of strands (strong axis) and for when the applied
load is perpendicular to the wide face of strand (weak axis).  If you have
further questions regarding this information or a specific detail you can
call me or call 1-800-628-3997 to locate your local Trus Joist technical
support office.

Renee Strand
W. Div. Eng., Trus Joist

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I always thought that PSL lumber was fabricated with long fibers oriented in
the direction of the member giving it a superior strength in the
longitudinal axis.  If that is the case then the cross-grain axis would not
have the advantage of those same properties although the "weak axis" - still
in the longitudinal direction, would have the same strength.  It would be
nice to hear some input from TrusJoist.
Jim Persing
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The light has come on for a while....Did Trusjoist have any concerns about
bending at the cantilevered part of the PSL.  After watching the manuf. of
PSL's there doesn't appear to be any strong or weak axis. The plywood
veneers are randomly assembled, compressed, and mico-waved all at the same

Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs,  CA

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