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I got this yesterday in case anyone is interested...

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From: RAM International
Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2004 16:05

Dear Engineering Professor or Student,
RAM Advanse is an industry leading finite element analysis and design software product that is used daily by thousands of structural engineers in North America. We are now offering our 50 node Student Version free of charge for use in the classroom, on homework problems, or as a self-learning tool, so that your students can learn the types of software tools they will most likely encounter upon graduation. This is a free, fully working version that is only restricted by a 50 node limit. All the analysis and design features in the Professional version are also available in this Student version.

RAM Advanse allows you to analyze all types of structures including frames, continuous beams, towers, platforms, buildings, tanks, homes and much more. The software comes complete with hot rolled steel design per AISC (ASD/LRFD), reinforced concrete design per ACI-318, cold formed steel design per AISI (ASD/LRFD) and wood (sawn lumber and glulam) design per NDS.

At the end of this e-mail, you will find a list of the most important capabilities of the software. This is an extremely useful tool for teaching or learning. You or your students can download RAM Advanse Student version for free or request a free CD (US only) by clicking here:

If you are a professor and would like to request CDs for free distribution to your students, please call Francisco Diego at (800) 726-7789 ext. 115 or by e-mail at francisco(--nospam--at) You can also ask about our 20 seat educational license with unlimited capacity if you are interested in having your students be able to solve larger problems.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Francisco Diego
Product Manager

RAM Advanse
Basic Features

§    User customizable templates for frames, trusses, etc.
§    Concurrent spreadsheet and graphical input/views
§    Physical member and physical shell modeling
§    Area loading
§    Member grouping for optimization and ease of input
§    Intuitive member selection, generation and manipulation capabilities
§    Advanced automatic data generation capabilities
§    Realistic rendering of structure in 3 dimensions
§    Immediate graphical verification of all input parameters
§    Library of predefined loading patterns
§    User customizable member section profile templates
§ More options of screen results, for example stress check by colors, interaction equation values, deformed structure, code check, etc.

§ Interactive shear, moment, axial, torsion and deflections diagrams in any point throughout an element
§    Tension only members
§    Rigid floor option
§    Foundation springs
§    Thermal loads
§    Tapered members
§    Considers eccentricity due to offset columns and beams
§    Iterative P-Delta, 2nd order analysis
§    Dynamic analysis options
§    Automatic self-weight calculations
§    Allows imposed nodal displacements
§    Automatically calculates member forces from applied pressures
§    Fully integrates with RAM Connection for steel connection design
§ Graphical depiction of all analysis results including stress contour plots and animated mode shapes

§    Steel Design per AISC ASD and LRFD
	o     Automatic K, Cb, and Cm calculations
	o     Optimization or verification for user defined member groups
	o     Tapered members
o Multiple effective lengths in an element (axial and bending) for more flexible designs
§    Reinforced Concrete Design per ACI-318
	o     Integrated design and detailing of beams, columns and footings
	o     Interactive user controllable steel reinforcement selection
	o     Calculation of lap length, development length, and cutoff points
	o     Considers axial forces, biaxial bending moments, torsion and shear
	o     DXF export to CAD programs
§    Wood Design per NDS ? ASD
	o     Extensive, customizable database of lumber shapes and materials
	o     Includes design for glulam beams
§    Cold-Formed Steel Design per AISI ASD and LRFD
o Performs accurate design for standard or user defined section profiles

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