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Wood door jamb connection at base

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On one of my projects, the owner has installed Board and Batten siding
over a steel framed structure. The owner decided to install a 3x7 door
in one wall. The wood guys cut the steel girts and installed a wood
framed door.

As usual, customer with a hastily conceived condition. I would like to
put this project to rest with a minimal amount of disruption to maintain
good relations.

Problem #1
The 2x6 jamb did not extend from sill to girt above door. The jamb could
be extended with another 2x6 overlapping the top 3' of the existing jamb
to extend the extra 2' above the header to the girt.

I'm confident that a single/extended 2x6 jamb can handle the wind loads.
However, I need a better idea of capacity of shear connections to fasten
the lap.

Problem #2
The loads at the base and top connections are 450# and 240# (unfactored,
no wind reduction permitted).

I am not confident about the capacity of the cross-grain shear
connection. Worst case is that it is 2 common nails horizontally, to a
nailer fastened with 2 common nails vertically into an 8x8 sill beam. I
have to confirm that. I do not believe that it has been toe-nailed.

The wood grade is not known to me at this time but is probably standard
house stud material.

Wood is not my area of expertise. The wood installer is a carpenter and
can't provide any help. My numbers for the connections are only about
25% of required capacity. Is this realistic? Can things be improved with
a couple carriage bolts or lag bolts, for example?

I could have them modify the girts and install a full height steel
channel jamb and more confidence inspiring connections but this would be
difficult at this point.

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Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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