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RE: Bar Joists parallel to masonry walls

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The masons like it because it is easier to install than anchor bolts, and the tolerance is not as important. The iron workers like it because they don't have to deal with misplaced anchor bolts, and it is easier to run a stinger to make the weld to an embedded plate then wrestle with a drill. As far as the iron workers are concerned, it is the same as a embedded plate in a concrete wall. By the way, it is just a piece of a WT that is 8" long. The WT web fits into the head joint, and becomes a shear lug.

It is a good idea to check the compression in the deck (if you are using the roof deck to brace the masonry wall). It is generally not a problem with 2'-6" to 3'-0" from the joist to the wall.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: RE: Bar Joists parallel to masonry walls
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 09:09:24 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks for all of the responses on this question. I had a project where I placed the joists one full space from the wall, but the fabricator was proposing to place additional joists right at the wall. Since I often see them that way when I look up at the local Home Depot/Staples type box stores, I couldn't help but wonder.

Roger - interesting point on the no-camber option. Right or wrong. it makes sense that the fabricator would fight that or not just not do it. Also, the SJI does (now) allow horizontal bridging in the end bays (- it might be for spans over a certain length.)

Harold - Your detail is intriguing and could certainly be better than sticking in embed plates on top of the wall or drilling and anchoring to the side. What has been the feedback from the masons? Does the weight of the WT become a problem or an additional cost with the headed studs, etc.? Compression in the deck. Yuck...

Jason - Good point on locating the second joist. I am not concerned with staging in this case, so I'll keep it this way.

Wesley - Another interesting detail with the slotted angle. Good concept to keep in my pocket.

John - I guess the outriggers would be similar to the horizontal bridging. They would also help Harold's point about compression in the deck.


Jim Wilson

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