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RE: Maximum steel spacing in concrete walls

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I suppose that was the answer I expected, but didn't want to hear. I was hoping that there was something I'd missed, and that was why I was scratching my head.

I was also hoping there was some "reason" behind the 18" requirement. Some ICF manufacturers (many of them are in Canada) have courses which are on 12" centers, and their stock details show 24" o/c horizontal bars. I've had more than one argument over that spacing requirement.

At 07:37 PM 8/16/2004 +0000, you wrote:
I took a look at the ACI 332R-84 and it does not agree with the IRC. I don't know where the IRC came up with their "reinforced concrete". The ACI is also a bit less than illuminating on the Commentary to the 18" spacing requirement.

The next time I am at a meeting where there are some IRC people in attendance, I will be anxious to find out the authors.

Harold Sprague

Jordan Truesdell, PE

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