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mobile homes

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No doubt we all see mobile and manufactured homes on TV as the worse hit in any wind event. I don't think you could ever get them banned or outlawed, so to speak, because A) you have to tell people with less money they cannot have their own house B) that is big business, so somewhere somebody is lobbying hard for that industry.
I have never done much residential, but we have gotten phone calls to do foundations and straps/anchoring for manufactured homes (and always passed). I assume this is now required for all new MF homes, but I know of no law requiring retrofitting so many, many parks are grandfathered in. Which is an accurate term here in FL because MANY retirement communities are MF homes, because they are so cheap people can snowbird and keep their house up north.
Finally, I think a distinction should be drawn between a MF home and a truly mobile home. I would think given they are built in a controlled environment in a factory, there is a POTENTIAL for a MF home to be just as structurally sound as a field framed wood house. Of course, all proper foundation and tie-downs would have to be in place. All I know is my Florida dream house will be out of fall range of any trees, be two-story CMU and have a CIP concrete roof, and have a first story shelter room/closet that will be good for 200mph......
Praying for power (aahhhhhh air conditioning.....),
Andrew Kester, PE
Longwood, FL