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Cracks in Blocks in Fire Tower

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Approximately 10 years ago, I designed a 4 storey fire training tower 
for the City of Niagara Falls.  The construction was 8" reinforced 
block with a 42" high parapet.  In the parapet I embedded 5/8" eye 
bolts to be used for anchoring rapelling ropes for climbing down the 
tower.  Almost every one of theses bolts has radial cracks around the 
bolt shank circulating out 2" to 4".  The fire department cut off the 
eye bolts to stop their use.  There are still U bolts in the roof 
slab so they can still train.  However, they want to have the eye 
bolts or an equivalent re-installed in order to have different means 
of anchoring for training.  I guess not all buildings are the same.  

Does anyone have any suggestions as to the cause of the cracks in the 
block or alternative means of anchorage to the parapet wall?  Photos 
are available if anybody's interested.

Gary Hodgson
Niagara Falls, ON

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