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RE: Stainless Steel

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>The fundamental issue is that "A304" is an AISI designation, and not an 
Sounds like like Harold spent some time explaining to people that 'CRES' 
ain't no way to specify stainless steel... I once worked around a guy 
whose total understanding of material specification was carbon steel, 
alloy steel, CRES and aluminum alloy. 

>Note, Type 304 is not readily weldable.  For that you would need a Type 304L 
>(70 ksi tensile, 25 ksi yield).
I'll quibble with this. Type 304 stainless isn't difficult to weld, 
provided you understand welding procedures. You get better corrosion 
resistance with low carbon grades (304L 316L, etc), especially in thick 
sections or other situaltions that hold heat.

>Do not leave it up to the contractor.  Stainless steels are not all the 
>same.  Either do the homework or consult with a chemical / corrosion 
Damn right.

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