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RE: Which ASCE 7 to Use?

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The correct refererenced standard is called out in the referenced standards section in the back of the IBC.  It is ASCE 7-98 for IBC 2000 and ASCE 7-02 for IBC 2003

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My understanding is that IBC codes reference the most current publications that were available at the time the code was released.  Therefore, I think you are correct about the 2000 IBC using 7-98, and the 2003 IBC using 7-02.



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Subject: Which ASCE 7 to Use?


I live in a town that has adopted the 2000 IBC and IRC.  The county has adopted the 2003 IBC and IRC.  I can’t find a reference in the IBC codes that reference a particular ASCE publication.  What I see in the Wind design chapter is just a reference to ASCE 7, but doesn’t say if ASCE 7-98 or 7-02 should be used.  Can you help me out?  Should ASCE 7-98 be used with the IBC 2000 and ASCE 7-02 be used with the 2003 IBC or can the 7-02 be used with both?



Joe Grill