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RE: Which ASCE 7 to Use?

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Thanks Eli,

That’s my guess also.  I would actually like to use the 7-02 publication for both since the wind provisions seem to be different between the two, and I would like to minimize the hassles.  Hope some of you will be attending the ASCE seminar next month in Las Vegas on these wind provisions.  I’m starting to wonder if ignorance is not better when using these ASCE provisions or will a seminar actually help.  These provisions are a real mess, in my opinion of course.


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My understanding is that IBC codes reference the most current publications that were available at the time the code was released.  Therefore, I think you are correct about the 2000 IBC using 7-98, and the 2003 IBC using 7-02.



Eli Grassley

PSM Engineers

Seattle, WA


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Subject: Which ASCE 7 to Use?


I live in a town that has adopted the 2000 IBC and IRC.  The county has adopted the 2003 IBC and IRC.  I can’t find a reference in the IBC codes that reference a particular ASCE publication.  What I see in the Wind design chapter is just a reference to ASCE 7, but doesn’t say if ASCE 7-98 or 7-02 should be used.  Can you help me out?  Should ASCE 7-98 be used with the IBC 2000 and ASCE 7-02 be used with the 2003 IBC or can the 7-02 be used with both?



Joe Grill