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RE: Rolling A36 Steel

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>does this mean that there is *no* A36
>available anymore (hot rolled shapes)?

W-shapes are still covered as a product in ASTM A36, but producers have
transitioned to ASTM A992 as the base grade for W-shapes. ASTM A36 is
still used as the base grade for many other hot-rolled shapes, however.
Have a look here for the full run-down on what grades are most common
and applicable to the various shapes:

>I was under the impression that we could
>design to A36 but would most likely get

If by this you mean you will design for a 50 ksi product but order ASTM
A36 assuming it will be overstrength and meet the requirements of ASTM
A992, I strongly recommend that you should not do this. Additionally, I
see no reason to take such a risk, since ASTM A992 is the common and
low-cost grade of steel for W-shapes.

Perhaps you instead meant you will design for a 36 ksi product and
accept that it will likely meet the 50 ksi minimum strength level in
ASTM A992 anyway. This is usually conservative, but could also be
wasteful whenever strength doesn't control (which is pretty often). For
high-seismic design with elements intended to deform to dissipate
earthquake energy, this assumption is not necessarily conservative since
the elevated yield strength must be properly reflected to configure the
system to yield the right elements in an earthquake.

Hope this helps.


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