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Re: reinforced concrete design question

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-------------- Original message from Cliff : --------------
> There?s a linear relationship between stress and
> strain in the compression zone of concrete beams when
> stresses are small. When stresses get bigger the
> linear relationship goes away and you use the ?Whitney
> Stress Block? to approximate the compression zone in
> concrete beams.
> Does anyone know when the linear relationship between
> concrete stress and strain starts to disappear? Can
> anyone cite any references where I can learn more
> about this issue?


Stress-strain relation of concrete depends on many factors, prominent one being the confinement provided by the transverse reinforcement (lateral ties or stirrups). J.B. Mander, I believe, is the first researcher who developed a model for confined concrete, and is widely cited by researchers worldwide. In addition to the paper by Mander, good references books on concrete I know are the black book by M.J.N Priestey, and prestress concrete book by Callins & Michel.


Hope this helps.


Suresh Acharya, S.E.

Richmond, CA