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Re: wind damage evaluation

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I sort of garbled my first reply -- I think this makes more sense.

EERI's [ ] Lessons Learned Over Time -- Learning From
Earthquakes Series, Edited by Marjorie Green, has some interesting

1. Volume II "Innovative Earthquake Recover in India" describes a
government-sponsored project for reconstruction, repair, strengthening, and
village relocation in the Maharashtra Region following the 1993 Earthquake.
Region-appropriate technologies for earthquake resistance were developed and
applied.  Training in the earthquake resistant technologies was provided to
engineering college graduates.  The trained junior engineers, contractors
and consultants worked with owners who were rebuilding and/or
strengthening.. To develop willingness to apply new ways of doing things,
convincing evidence that the techniques would help protect the buildings
against future seismic damage was demonstrated to the potential users.
Program strategy, and technical descriptions are included in the book.

2.  Volume V "Housing Reconstruction After the 2001 El Salvador Earthquakes"
provides information about a similar program in Central America, focused on
adobe construction.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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