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Re: "VPN and Document 'Check Out'"

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Actually, I think both Windows 2000 Pro and Windows XP Pro both have the ability to setup a VPN server, as well as connect to VPN servers.
I can't vouch for W2K, but I know it works fine in XP, as I have it setup so my brother can VPN into my cable internet connection. I was surprised at how well it works, considering he's still on dialup.
Jeremy South, EI
Tupelo, MS
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Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2004 11:21
Subject: O.T.: "VPN and Document 'Check Out'"

I?m about to start using a part-time engineer intern on a continuing basis. I would like to have him grab files from my server here at home to work on, then restore them again when he?s finished.


I can do this by regular FTP, or when I can spare a moment I?m going to try to set up VPN to my server (thanks to my using Linux, this is cost-free, taking only the time to set it up, unlike MS-Windows which would require purchase of expensive server software).


Anyway, since at this point I only have cable modem, which is only moderately fast when downloading from my network, it wouldn?t be prudent at this time to have him work remotely directly from files on the server; he?d need to download then upload when finished.

Is anyone aware of any sort of ?check out-check in? system, similar to the CVS that is used in distributed software development, that might be available for this kind of thing? That is, where files would be ?locked? while checked out from the server so that we don?t have the problem of accidentally forking two versions of the same file? At first this won?t be as much of a problem but if I?m going to have others working remotely (as is distinctly possible), I can see it becoming an issue as time goes on.


Any info would be appreciated.



Bill Polhemus, P.E.

Polhemus Engineering Company

Katy, Texas USA