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RE: O.T.: "VPN and Document 'Check Out'"

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I understand your concern, but by that logic, a responsible engineer would never be allowed out of the office, because someone might calculate something, or draw something while he wasn’t there.


I believe that it is possible to “directly supervise” work remotely. I think we need to take into account the advances in technology and automation that make such things possible.


Never fear: Because of previous, very negative experience, nothing ever goes out of my office under my seal unless I’ve gone over every bit of it. But in the meantime, the only way that I’m going to “grow” is to increase the amount of work I can produce, and that means I need help.


Oh, and typical of the erstwhile contract engineering environment, I never heard another word back about Alaska.


In fact, a couple of weeks ago I was also asked to consider going to Florida to do investigations of damaged structures and bridges for FEMA. Much hoopla, then absolutely nothing came of it. I’m beginning to think that either (a) someone is playing elaborate practical jokes on us poor, middle-aged engineers, or (b) no one loves me any more.


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I don't know much of anything about VPN, but I do know quite a lot about the rules and regulations that govern the practice of engineering in Texas.  I would caution you that your proposed employment scheme with a part-time, off-site engineering intern appears to be in violation of the TBPE rules requiring direct supervision.  I urge you to spend a minute in the archives and retrieve my post of 04/13/04, entitled "Direct Supervision in Texas".