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Statistical approach to field inspection

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(I sent this Monday, but it never came back to me so I am resending it.)
I have a situation where a contractor ignored my documented inspection procedure and installed exterior metal wall panels over a stud wall without any documentation of how many screws were used on the substrate.  Are there established percentages of the work that would have to be removed to inspect and verify that the work was done to plan?  (There is no way to inspect the work from the inside.)
I am thinking that maybe 5% to 10% of the panels should be removed for inspection.  If everything is okay there, could the rest be reasonably assumed to be okay?  If any problems are encountered, then the percentage could go up significantly.
This is not work that required 100% inspection and it isn't something I am going to lose a lot of sleep over, so complete removal of the system doesn't seem fair/practical/necessary, provided we can inspect enough of the work to extrapolate the results.  And provided I can back up my requirements with accepted practices!
Any thoughts?
Jim Wilson, PE
Stroudsburg, PA

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