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RE: O.T.: "VPN and Document 'Check Out'"

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So do I get this straight?


If I ever leave the building while anything that will ultimately have my seal on it has work done by someone else, I have “violated the TEPA”?


Or are you saying that as long as everyone is under one roof, organizationally speaking, that’s okay?


Either you have converted to ultraorthodox Judaism, or you “brick and mortar” engineering firm-types are trying to protect your turf against advancing technology that threatens you with competition.


I’ll put my mode of working up against anyone’s. And no, I don’t think I have to ask the permission of the TBPE before I do my job. If they try to play rough, then we’ll go to court. I’m not afraid of that prospect, because someone may have to be the “hero” in this, if what I think is happening here, is really happening.


And with profound apologies, I AM posting this to the list because I think this concerns everyone.


Maybe my medication is still affecting my brain, but I could have sworn this sounded like a veiled threat.


Sorry if I’m mistaken, but that’s the way I’m reading this.


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You will note that this response is just to you, not to the list.


With all due respect, your opinion of what constitutes direct supervision is irrelevant.  All that counts is what the members and staff of TBPE think, and their opinion is pretty clear from their enforcement action against Mr. Perge (as I posted last April).  If nothing else, at least call Paul Cook or C. W. Clark at TBPE, tell them what you plan to do, get their response, and then (if positive) write down a record of the conversation and send it to them.