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RE: More "Responsible Charge" Stuff

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If physical presence is required, I guess most  all the engineering designs
is TEXAS are in violation since most engineers were not physically present
when design programs such as RISA, RAM, STADD, SAP90 , etc were developed
and written.

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Here is the pertinent article from the Texas Board of Professional
Engineers' website to which Stan refers:
Mr. Dejan Perge, P.E., Dallas, Texas - File D-1371 - It was alleged that Mr.
Perge signed and affixed his Texas engineer seal to engineering design plans
prepared by an employee of Mr. Perge's part-time engineering business.
Although, Mr. Perge discussed engineering design issues with the employee
and directed him to prepare the design, Mr. Perge was not personally present
during the employee's performance of the engineering design. Therefore, it
appears that Mr. Perge did not provide adequate direct supervision over his
employee during the performance of the engineering design. The Board
accepted a Consent Order signed by Mr. Perge for a Formal Reprimand and
assessed him a $1,000.00 administrative penalty.
Now, I don't know anything else other than what this guy is saying here, but
if I'd been Mr. Perge, I'd have sued the b*st*rds.
This is no less than "restraint of trade," and the TBPE ought to be ashamed
of themselves.
There is NO DIFFERENCE between what this man did, and what thousands of
other P.E.s do every single day across these United States. No difference,
that is, except for one thing: It is probable that the work wasn't done
under Mr. Perge's roof.
Every single day, work is done under the "responsible charge" of a licensed
Professional Engineer who is in the next office, or down the hall, or even
across the corporate campus from the one doing the grunt-work. In fact, I
have been involved with firms that had offices in other CITIES, where the
work of drafting and even design was done in one office, under the
supervision of an engineer in the home office. The drawings were on a common
server, and were plotted in the home office. The EOR supervised the work,
nonetheless; in fact, he supervised several jobs simultaneously, and he
checked the final work, and sealed it himself.
There is, I repeat, NO DIFFERENCE in this case, except that the fat-cat big
firms would NEVER be prosecuted in this fashion.
This is, I REPEAT, restraint of trade and I DARE the TBPE to try to treat me
in this fashion. I'll have their butts in my lawyer's sling.

This is Texas. It's a "Right to Work" state, which ought to give you some
idea about how we think of "liberty" around these parts.
I challenge this action on the part of the TBPE. On the fact of it, as
described, it is unconscionable.

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