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RE: More "Responsible Charge" Stuff

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>Mr. Dejan Perge, P.E., Dallas, Texas - File D-1371 - It was alleged that Mr.
>Perge signed and affixed his Texas engineer seal to engineering design plans
>prepared by an employee of Mr. Perge's part-time engineering business.
>Although, Mr. Perge discussed engineering design issues with the employee
>and directed him to prepare the design, Mr. Perge was not personally present
>during the employee's performance of the engineering design.

Bill and I don't agree on much, but I'm with him here. The board's 
conclusion is absurd. The implication is that direct supervision requires 
the supervisor to be present at all times, guiding each keypress and 
pencil impression. No engineer can possibly practice that way, not even 
in the biggest, fattest firms.

Bill is right--no big firm would be subject to such a judgement. If I had 
a low, suspicious mind I might infer that someone who lost work to Perge 
or some other smaller firm got to the board. It's unfortunate that our 
constitutional right to due process only works if you can afford a 
lawyer-it'd be a hoot tracking this down and collaring the bastards. I 
think I prefer practicing in Minnesota.

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