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RE: O.T.: "VPN and Document 'Check Out'"

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Also be aware of ISP limitations on setting up a personal VPN server... Some like, Comcast, do not allow personal users to setup VPN servers unless they pay for the business line which is quite a bit more expensive... but might be worth it if you need that feature.  I think that may also require a static IP address versus the usual dynamic IP address but I could be wrong...
As far as document check-in and out.  We use Microsoft Visual SourceSafe which is very similar to CVS... either should be able to do managment of a document or any file.  The trouble comes in the fact that most of them are setup for dealing with text files.  They can show differences, etc. in text files but can only tell you they are different in binary files.  However in the case of documents or drawings you could always get the previous version and compare them on the computer using the source program (ACAD, etc.) or print them both out and compare...
From my personal VPN SourceSafe experience I find that checking in or out several small files takes a whle across the VPN connection and for my personal use I tend to log into my machine remotely using TightVNC (similar to NetMeeting) checkout the files, compile them into a ZIP file then transfer the zip file across the VPN... our server is quicker transferring a (1) 20 MB file than it is (40) 0.5 MB files... That might vary based upon the VPN setup but I am not sure...
Hope this helps,
Greg Effland
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