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Re: More "Responsible Charge" Stuff

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Bill said...
I challenge this action on the part of the TBPE. On the fact of it, as described, it is unconscionable.

That's the real key here. The summary is just that - a summary, with no real detail as to the situation.  I would hope that there were some significant aggravating factors to this case. If TX engineering firms are anything like those in VA, it's likely that the EOR in anything over 30-40 employees is rarely involved with the day to day work going on in the office in any meaningful way.  As bad as this sounds, it's almost worth while to "turn in" one of the big boys just to get a precedent set for what is usual and customary.  Then again, it certainly seems to preclude any possibility of using non-US labor for design.

As for money generation, more and more states are adding junk fees to the mix.  TN has a "professional privilege tax" for $400/year. WV charges you a $25 "certificate" fee just to file your stamp in their office, after you've paid the $150 registration, and then adds an additional $150-$600 per year Certificate of Authorization fee if you actually want to practice. 

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