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RE: More "Responsible Charge" Stuff

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> From: Rand Holtham, P.E. [mailto:rand(--nospam--at)]
> Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2004 3:23 PM
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> Subject: Re: More "Responsible Charge" Stuff
>  Bill, I wouldn't get too excited about Stan's comments I find that his
> interpretation is not exactly inline with the Practice Act or the Board's
> positions, he has taken a fundamentalist view  of these summaries without
> realizing that there must be more to these issues. IMHO You can use
> whatever
> tool is available to you, just make sure you can and have verified
> everything that has your seal on it.

I don't know (and I've already got Stan p*ssed at me as it is, so I will

But I have a hunch that Stan knows more about the Perge case than what is
presented in the blurb on the website, and in his opinion what I am
proposing to do--have an employee (part-time at first until he finishes
school, then full-time, but for the foreseeable future, always from his home
office) do work under my supervision--is parallel to the Perge case.

Now, I happen to know what I mean by "supervision." I know that this guy
will do calcs and do drawings, and in the end I will "finish up" what he
starts, most probably drafting etc. I will be almost as directly involved as
he is, and in the end it would be difficult to know what line elements in
the CAD file are his and which are mine.

Maybe that will satisfy the Board, but TBPE has been getting on my nerves
for a couple of years now with their trigger-happy ways, and I just have
this sneaking hunch that they have gone money-crazy. They've struck oil with
these proceedings, and they seem to be finding more and more novel ways to
find "culprits" everywhere.

So I suspect they will be only too happy to find that I am in violation of
the TEPA (Texas Engineer Practice Act) through my twenty-first century
shenanigans. That it is no different than what is going on in every single
one of the offices of member-firms in CECoT or TSPE won't make any
impression on them at all, I shouldn't wonder.

> Stan, I'm glad it's not just me that you can get a rise out of  ;-)

Oh, and even though he doesn't believe me, I am not angry at Stan. I
consider that he is the messenger. It's just that his message happened to
hit one of my hot-buttons.

When you are a "lone wolf," you realize how precious that license is. It is
the only thing between your family and starvation (and since my wife has
quit work to keep my books and my nose clean, this is no longer a dramatic

To think that a bunch of arrogant bureaucrats in Austin might pose a threat
to my livelihood is a bit more than I can bear given the side-effects of the
copious amounts of medications I've been taking since my sinus
surgery/septoplasty two weeks ago. (Got an MRSA infection I have to kill; go
look it up).

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