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RE: ACI 530-02/ASCE 5-02/TMS 402-02 Experts

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I happened to be awake during the time that this was discussed in some of my seismic code development participation.

This was a reaction to a lobby by the residential building community. Prior to this, it was prohibited to support ANY masonry from wood. The resulting code was a compromise. But masonry should not be supported by wood if the masonry is 12 ft from grade. The argument presented at the time had nothing to do with the weight supported by wood. The argument presented was for prohibition of a falling hazard. I am sure that I could design wood to support much more than what the code infers. We have been remiss in Commentary development. I will make it a point to discuss this at our next code development meeting... right after my nap.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: ACI 530-02/ASCE 5-02/TMS 402-02 Experts
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 09:54:06 -0600

First of all I have to say keeping up with "code changes" is adding grey
hair on a daily basis now.

An exception in section allows support of masonry veneer on wood
framing provided that the masonry has an installed weight of 40 psf or less
and height of no more than 12 ft.

My understanding of the 12 feet is a veneer weighing less that 40 psf up to
that height (i.e. 40 psf x 12 ft.) is the maximum load allowed for wood
support. It has been suggested that this means masonry weighing 40 psf
cannot be installed higher than 12 above the ground. If this (second
suggestion) is correct, I'd like to know.

Secondly, if this provision is intended to limit the weight of masonry being
supported (and that's a big if), then would a single stone (such as a
lintel, jamb or sill stone) which has a density exceeding 40 psf but weighs
significantly less than 40 psf x 12 feet, be "acceptable" as a rational
interpretation (and hence be supportable on wood framing).

Thanks for any help on understanding this "new" provision. As you might tell
from my "inexperience" with ACI 530-02, I've yet to get this resource and
associated commentary.

Barry H. Welliver


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