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RE: Anchor Bolts in Flexure

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I have done a significant number of PEMB and they are a bit easier. The base plate is thinner and there is no grout. This minimizes the moment arm. When pushed, I have also cast in setting templates with shear lugs and welded the base plate directly to the setting template. Then the template's shear lugs can transfer the load into either a hairpin or into a tie element. I agree that these buildings are too light to count on for much of a dead load and friction resistance especially on the leeward side. The shears can get large especially with short eave heights and wide spans on the 3 hinged arch structures.

Harold Sprague

From: "Andy Heigley" <aheigley(--nospam--at)>
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Subject: RE: Anchor Bolts in Flexure
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 14:28:29 -0400

I'm curious to know what others do for instances when you can't count on
friction to resist shear.  For instance, in a PEMB where you have combined
uplift and shear, and with the baseplates normally set up at EL.= 100'-0".
If you don't size anchor rods for shear, how do you detail the anchorage to
have the shear transferred to the hairpin?

Andy Heigley, PE

Dublin, Ohio

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