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RE: More "Responsible Charge" Stuff

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>in many states a "manufacturer"
>cannot really employ an engineer that performs "professional services"
>(i.e. seal drawings) as a direct employee due to the way licensing laws
>are written.
Most states have a 'standard product' exemption, which is intended to 
eliminate any requirement for engineering services to manufacturers. 
Minnesota's law reads as follows--

The provisions of sections 326.02 to 326.15 shall not apply to ..., nor 
to any standardized manufactured product... 

Standardized doen't refer to standards like ANSI standards, but to 
products which are all made in sbustantially the same way, like the Ford 
trucks made in St Paul.

Florida has a similar provision. 

>But, I cannot do this as a direct employee in
>many states because the company cannot meet the licensing law requirements
>on ownership of the company by licensed professionals (PEs or architects,
I got to be a vice-president a number of past lives ago, when my employer 
decided it was easier to make me a corporate officer, than to make a 
corporate officer into a P.E. Lucky for me as it turned out. Some states, 
Florida among them has a requirement that corporate offers of engineering 
services requires at least one corporate officer to be a registered 
engineer. Minnesota has no such requirement. 

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