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Re: Anchor Bolts in Flexure

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There've been a bunch of good responses to your initial question, with references to get things going. One thing I haven't heard anyone mention is that fact that an anchor bolt in bending doesn't fit the assumptions for deformable analysis we took in college. The aspect ratio (depth to length) would suggest a higher-order analysis be required, as plane sections will not remain plane under deformation perpendicular to the axis. Also, there has been no explicit description of stress concentrations in the material due to the reentrant profile of the threads. While this may not be as critical in steels where fu>>fy, as bolt strengths increase (through heat treatment) the yield and ultimate stresses grow closer together and the built in margin of safety provided by designing to the yield stress diminishes.

I've wondered this myself, by the way. It usually makes me pause every time I get gasoline and look at the bases of these one or two column canopies (inverted pendula) which stand about 2" off the concrete pad and appear to have never been grouted.


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