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RE: Code references

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I haven't used 2003 IBC much yet, but based on a quick review, it appears to
me that you are permitted to use ASCE 7 in its entirety for seismic design
or you can use other options given in the IBC. The options in IBC appear to
be intended to give the designer more flexibility in some matters. I don't
see anything wrong with that. 

In general, I think it is good to reference other nationally approved
standards from a building code, with a minimal number of "Exceptions" taken.
I didn't like the way UBC used to rewrite ACI 318 in their code - if you
already were familiar with ACI 318, it made it harder to determine where UBC
might differ from ACI. Using a direct reference to a standard, with
exceptions noted, makes it easier to learn one standard and quickly apply
that standard under various codes. 

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Thanks for you input on this issue. I'd also like to
second what Eli is saying. I have no problem with
referencing ASCE7 for the seismic provisions, but my
problem is that now (with IBC 2003) I need BOTH
publications to do a complete seismic design. With IBC
2000 I just needed my copy of IBC 2000 (as well as my
IBC Commentary to decipher the Code).

It's a bit frustrating when I'm directed to use ASCE 7
for all seismic design - except for this, that, this,
this (except on alternating Tuesdays when there is a
moon that is more than half full - except if the date
of that Tuesday is an odd number) and this....

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