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RE: Sealing & Signing on Mylar - Problems with ink

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On 30 Aug 2004, at 13:43, Jason W. Kilgore wrote:

> Are you testing the right side?  The Mylar in our office has a "rough" side
> and a "smooth" side.  You print on the "rough" side.  If it's in a roll, the
> "rough" side is the convex side (exterior).

I'm using a double matte mylar, so both sides are "rough."

> You post worried me a little because I'm supposed to submit a Mylar project
> next week, and I thought I was going to have to search out a special pen and
> ink pad.

> So, I cut a strip and did a test myself.  Testing on the "rough" side, my
> stamp, "signing" pen (Cross Select-Tip Medium Felt-tip Blue), a ball point,
> a gel, and two rolling-ball pens all dried within seconds.  No smearing even
> with fairly hard rubbing with a dry paper towel.  All but the rolling balls
> did well rubbing under water; both rolling balls lost a lot of ink, but they
> were still legible.

This could be the problem.  I'm using a Uni-ball micro to sign with.  I tested
a Staedtler pigment liner that claims to be waterproof and it works great.  The
only problem is that the supplyers that we've got around here, only show black
ink for these pens in their catalogs.

> The test on the "smooth" side is still smearing after 30 minutes, although
> the gel ink appears to be finally drying.
> Good luck,
> ---
> Jason Kilgore
> Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
> Kansas City, Missouri

Thanks for your input.

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