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RE: Sealing & Signing on Mylar - Problems with ink

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The State of Texas now requires that an "electronic signature" where used,
must be done using e.g. the "digital signature" feature in Adobe Acrobat, or
something similar. I have begun doing this to all my drawings.

That way, your "original" will be an electronic document that will verify
through the signature that it has not been altered in any way.

In fact, I went ahead and paid the $15.00 annual fee to Verisign to purchase
a certificate for all future signings. This rule has been in effect since
May of this year, and the text can be found here:

(NOTE: This is a PDF document; go to page 59, the rules concerning
electronic signing appear there).

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> Fellow engineers,
>         Actually, with today's photo reproduction technology they can
> change it
> without your knowledge any time they want to anyway!!!  Your only
> protection is
> to keep a copy of everything you sign.
> "Barry H. Welliver" wrote:
> > Do you plan to retain the original mylars? If not, your permanent
> signature
> > may be affixed to drawings that could be changed without your knowledge.

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