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Re: [1.1] RE: Wood door jamb connection at base

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Paul -

Being from South Louisiana, I suggest "Hey, all y'all!" as
the canonical salutation for the list.  Few people are offended
by "all y'all" (many are unaware that it is the ONLY proper
pluralization of y'all) , and it will often liven up even
the most boring conversation.

B and C are trying to stay awake through yet another of D's
incredibly boring digressions on stochastic theory.
(BTW:  I am usually D)

A:  Hey, all y'all!

B:  You must be from the South!

A:  No, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night!

Apologies to our international colleagues who have almost
assuredly not seen the relevant television commercial to get
the joke.


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