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ACI 10.5.3 Minimum Flexural Reinforcement

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This is a strict application question of ACI.

ACI318-02    10.5.3 (Minimum reinforcement of flexural members)
"The requirements of 10.5.1 and 10.5.2 need not be applied if AT EVERY
the area of tensile reinforcement provided is at least one-third
greater than required
by analysis."

1.	If phi Mn >= 1.33 Mu, don't I need any flexural reinforcement at
How about temperature and shrinkage reinforcement? (if I can ignore

2.	If some portion of  a flexural member has phi Mn >= 1.33 Mu and
other portions
have phi Mn < 1.33 Mu, can't I apply 10.5.3  to the areas of phi Mn >=
1.33 Mu?

3.	What's the relationship 10.5.3 and cracking moment?
(In my opinion, Eq 10-3 is related with Mcr, which is dependent upon
section and material properties.)  
If phi Mn >= 1.33 Mu and Mu < Mcr, no flexural reinforcement is
How about if phi Mn >= 1.33 Mu and Mu > Mcr, so phi Mn > 1.33 Mcr?
In this case, 10.5.3 says that minimum reinforcement is not required
for phi Mn >= 1.33 Mu.
But, its load Mu > Mcr says it will crack.
Isn't this a contradiction?  
Do I need reinforcement smaller than minimum reinforcement, which will
resist Mcr?
If this is true, I need small amount of flexural reinforcement
 although I do not need minimum flexural reinforcement. Correct?

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