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RE: Plywood to Light Gage Diaphragms

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Actually Michael, I’m looking for diaphragm design information. I’ve seen the shear wall guide you have indicated (and I think I have a copy somewhere), but I’m curious about diaphragm design information.



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Subject: RE: Plywood to Light Gage Diaphragms


The SSMA has a book/pamphlet with Shear Wall Design guide in the back. (at least that's the URL in the book).



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Subject: Plywood to Light Gage Diaphragms

It seems there was some discussion some time back about diaphragm design values for plywood attached to light gage framing members.  I didn’t think there was such a value(s), but today during my lunch break I say a fairly extensive project where the roof is constructed with plywood over light gage framing.  I didn’t see anything else such as metal decking or diagonal bracing.


Are there some new values out there I don’t know about.


Joe Grill