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RE: Hurricane Wind Speeds

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They are three-second gust. In fact, it was because the NWS went from “fastest mile” to “three-second gust” back several years ago in compiling their records that the ASCE 7 folks decided also to convert to “three-second gust.” They didn’t want to have to continually convert.


And it is kind of hard to do a correlation as you suggest, because the design windspeeds are DEVELOPED from three-second gusts but are statistically derived from a mountain of windspeed data. They ran computer sims of hurricane storm events for as far back as the NWS had data (I think it had all been converted to three-second gust by the NWS previously, fwiw) to come up with the contours that we have on the maps.

There is quite a bit of information in the ASCE 7 Commentary C6.5.4. Read up.


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Subject: Hurricane Wind Speeds

What criteria is used for the hurricane wind speeds that are reported by the National Weather Service?  Are they 3-second gust?  fastest-mile?  something else?


I'm just trying to correlate the wind speeds that are being reported to what we design for per the ASCE 7 code.


David Finley