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RE: concrete pipe barrel strength

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Title: RE: concrete pipe barrel strength

The American Concrete Pipe Association has a downloadable software package named PipePac. It contains a module named 3EB that allows you to easily model the loading conditions and determine the required d-load (load rating) requirement for RCP. Be sure to model this new load as a "vertical surcharge" in order to account for it properly. I would not recommend the formulas in Roark for this type of analysis. (Although Daryl Richardson's advice is usually straight on ;>)

A lot of (most?) RCP has the d-load stenciled inside of each joint, so if you can find the rating you can compare it to the calculated requirement.

The link to the software:

Mike Murphy, P.E.

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Subject: concrete pipe barrel strength

I've been asked to analyze two stormwater pipes under an existing building.

The one in question runs 5' below an exterior column of the building.  I've

calculated the force exerted on the pipe at this depth but I need to

determine if the concrete pipe is strong enough to handle the load from

above.  Does anyone know of a reference for calculating this information?

I've searched the internet and I also have a concrete pipe handbook from the

American Concrete Pipe Association that I've been searching through, but

haven't come across anything helpful yet. I thought there would be a table

with this information but haven't found one yet. I don't know the

manufacturer of the pipe but I might call some randoms to see if they have

this info- just thought I'd check here first.

Any pertinent info much appreciated


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