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hurricane diaries 2

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Just a quick pre hurricane email because I have to wrap up a few things then unplug my computer here at the office and put it in the closet. I am taking a half day off today and my awesome company is giving us off tomorrow to prepare. Its been hard to get any work done because all we want to talk about is the hurricane, and what are you doing to prepare, how are you boarding up your windows and what type of concrete screws are you using, etc. In an office full of SEs , what do you expect I guess....
Plywood is like water in the desert right now. I stopped by Home Depot at 7am to get a few things and just check out the supply and the line formed all around the store just to wait for the truck to arrive with more. Luckily I am renovating my house and had 3.5 sheets in the garage, and I will get a couple more from my brother in law. Also nice to have some decent tools and know how to use them, and being a SE doesn't hurt either. (Let's see, a C and C pressure of 25.6 psf, a 3x5 window, I need lag screws at 18" o.c.)
I will board up all my big windows, and try to get most of the 1st floor. There are a few smaller upstairs windows that I am not too worried about. I am also going to try and add some fasteners at my ridge vent. If I have time tomorrow I am getting in my attic and adding gable bracing, thank god for my buddy's framing nail gun, ever try to be 6'-3" in an attic swinging a hammer around trusses????  I am also going to do some pre-emptive tree trimming with my brand spankin' new chain saw, although they are worried about all the Charlie debris still piled in the streets becoming projectiles. I am bracing my garage door by putting a 2x4 base plate parallel to the bottom and fastening it to my slab, then using C clamps to brace the track to the 2x4. I am going to back a car up to either side of the door and also brace it with some 50 ga garbage cans full of water which also are back up water.
Please pray to God, Jesus, bow to Mecca in the name of Allah, light a stick of incense to a Golden Buddah, meditate, do some yoga, keep your fingers crossed, WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE IN, that this thing isn't quite as bad as it looks now.
Side note: One of our interns is from Bangladesh, so we are all joking with her about how calm she looks and how she isn't worried about it at all. She said as a kid she thought it was fun when it was flooding because they'd go and play in the streets.....
Everyone take care,
Andrew Kester, PE
Longwood, FL