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Re: hurricane diaries 2

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On Sep 2, 2004, at 9:42 AM, Andrew Kester wrote:

Please pray to God, Jesus, bow to Mecca in the name of Allah, light a stick of incense to a Golden Buddah, meditate, do some yoga, keep your fingers crossed, WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE IN, that this thing isn't quite as bad as it looks now.
How about the God who helps those who help themselves? You sound like you've done as good a job of preparation as I ever saw when we lived in West Palm or Jacksonville or Tidewater Virginia. You've got water in quantities that should even let you flush more than once a day, in case that gets to be a problem. I'm assuming you've clipped all the cocoanuts off your palms and cooked everything in your fridge that might spoil into a form you can eat cold. I think you've done everything possible.

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