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RE: Jambs at ICF Walls

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“Polysteel”  They are out of Albuquerque



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Which brand of ICF are you using?   Some have ICBO reports and some don't.  I'm somewhat familiar with the ARXX system.

Neil Moore, S.E.

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I am doing the design on a residence where the walls are to be constructed of ICF walls (insulating concrete form walls) and of course things are not falling conveniently within the design tables given.  I have a situation where the header over an opening is loaded by a ridge beam; therefore the jambs at the opening are pretty heavily loaded.  I have designed the lintel over the opening to be concrete; therefore the reinforcing will extend beyond the opening 24.  The walls will be what they call waffle grid wallsso there are vertical concrete cells at 12o.c.  I think the tributary wind load from the windows will transfer to two of the vertical cells at the jambs, and I would also think that since the concrete lintel will extend 24beyond the jamb that the lintel reaction will also be supported by two of the vertical cells.  If the lintel reactions and the wind loads will not distribute to two cells then the jambs will not calculate as adequate, but if the distribution is acceptable then I should be O.K.  Is there any one out there familiar with this product that can tell me if what I am doing is acceptable?



Joe Grill