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Re: Glass wall structures

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There are ER's out on patio enclosures.  One is ER-4590P.  I am not really sure what the ER accomplishes.  It claims a rating for up to 85 mph fastest mile.  The structure has glass walls.  Some manufacturers cantilever the sunrooms off the main structure/house.  This still requires a glass roof diaphragm.  Anyway, you have asked an excellent question.
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From: Jim Wilson
Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2004 4:54 PM
Subject: Glass wall structures

Are there any allowances for using simple glass walls to resist wind shear in very simple single story structures?  I am afraid that the short answer might be no, but then what is to happen to an entire industry of sunrooms and solariums?  I have poked through the IBC and IRC, but haven't found any exclusions or inclusions for these structures.
Wind loads are exposure B @ 90mph 3-sg and and the seismic zone is B.  I am hoping there might be some exceptions for lightly loaded structures like these.
Jim Wilson, PE
Stroudsburg, PA

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