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RE: AASHTO Structural Sign Supports

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It looks like Dan got what he needed, but I thought I’d mention that there is a newer edition of this spec, dated 2001 I believe. It was the first one where they began to pay serious attention to fatigue failures of cantilever signs (single column support).


I used it exactly once, for a Houston METRO project, which was subsequently reviewed by TxDOT and thrown back at me because I required a “beefing up” of some of their standard details as a result.


It was a political thing. I was in essence showing that because of the new specification, some of TxDOT’s standard details were no longer adequate, and they didn’t want to hear that.

First time I ever had someone (and a “non-stakeholder” at that) reject my design because it was “too conservative”—because of current design standard considerations!


“Hi. We’re from the Government and we’re here to help.”


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I've got the 1994 edition with a note on the front cover that says it's the latest (we are talking about the Standard Specs for Structural Supports for Highway Signs, ect?)