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Re: 1929 Vintage Steel Reinforcing Bars

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Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute from time to time publishes Engineering Data Reports [EDR] that provide useful information for designers of structural concrete.  EDR 48, Evaluation of Reinforcing Bars in Old Reinforced Concrete Structures would be useful to you.  It is available to download from . 
ASTM A15 was in use in 1929.  It provides specifications for 3 grades of steel and yield strengths of 33, 40 and 50 ksi.  the EDR notes that a 1924 publication, by a committee that included ACI, recommended design tension strengths that varied: 16,000psi for 33 and 40 ksi material and 18,000 psi for 50ksi material.  Development and splice lengths would probably have been based on development of no more than those levels of tension.  The EDR also recommends that deformations on the old reinforcing should be considered 50 % as effective as current bars in bond or anchorage .
Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA
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Subject: 1929 Vintage Steel Reinforcing Bars

Anyone have tensile strength information on 1929 vintage 1 1/4" SQUARE concrete reinfrocing bars? Thanks in advance.