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Vierendeel truss in wood

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I have project where the architect would like to create/use a Vierendeel
truss out of timber/glulam members.  I thought that I would get others
thoughts as my gut is not giving me the "warm fuzzies" (I am in the
process of creating a model to determine what kind of moments I would
dealing with at the connection of the vertical members to the top and
bottom chords, so I only have my gut at this point).

The configuration proposed is basically comprised of two 15" deep by 5
1/8" wide glulams as the top and bottom chord.  At three places along the
span there are three vertical timber members that are spaced about 6" or
so apart (i.e. three locations of three vertical members each).  The
connection of the vertical members (9 members total in groups of three) is
done by way of a vertical row of two bolts/pins.  The vertical members are
about 4" to 6" wide (don't totally recall and don't have the drawings
right in front of me).  The span of the truss is on the order of about 32
ft.  The truss is carrying about 6 foot (horizontal projection of 12/12
roof) tributary width of stick framing roof joists.  The ground snow load
will likely be on the order of 25 psf.

Now, I know wood is not really that great for "moment connections".  But,
I also know that there will be some rigidity there from how this will be
put together.  I am just not completely sure how much I can count on (and
don't know yet how much I will really need until I run the model).

Oh, likely DougFir...if it matters.

Any thoughts?


Adrian, MI

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