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Re: Vierendeel truss in wood

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Your gut sounds like it knows what it sees.  Don't go there.  Wood moment connections are difficult at best. 
However, what it really sounds like you have is two 5-1/8x15 glulams sharing the load with vertical load struts at the three locations where the three members are.  If my quick preliminary calculations are correct, two 5-1/8 x 15 Combination 24F-V4 beams should have no problem carrying 6 feet of tributary roof with DL=15 psf and Lr=25 psf assuming the bottom beam can be reasonably braced out-of-plane.  Actually the top beam will carry the stress with the bottom beam needed for stiffness to meet deflection requirements. The only thing I see to worry about is how the truss would carry lateral load in its plane.
Bill Cain, SE
Berkeley CA