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Re: Vierendeel truss in wood

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You are heading down the "alternate" path that I had thought of (i.e. use
the two glulams as shared beams).  I figured that this was going to be my
second plan if my gut ended up being proven correct and I did not feel
that there would be enough "moment capacity" that could be developed to
get true Vierendeel truss behaviour.


Adrian, MI

On Wed, 8 Sep 2004 BCainse(--nospam--at) wrote:

> Scott-
> Your gut sounds like it knows what it sees.  Don't go there.   Wood moment
> connections are difficult at best.
> However, what it really sounds like you have is two 5-1/8x15 glulams  sharing
> the load with vertical load struts at the three locations where the  three
> members are.  If my quick preliminary calculations are correct, two  5-1/8 x 15
> Combination 24F-V4 beams should have no problem carrying 6 feet of  tributary
> roof with DL=15 psf and Lr=25 psf assuming the bottom beam can be  reasonably
> braced out-of-plane.  Actually the top beam will carry the  stress with the
> bottom beam needed for stiffness to meet deflection  requirements. The only
> thing I see to worry about is how the truss would carry  lateral load in its plane.
> Regards,
> Bill Cain, SE
> Berkeley CA

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