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RE: Vierendeel truss in wood

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looking at your span and loading, it seemed in the ball park for a deep glulam, so I ran your loads in Woodworks Sizer. It kicked out a single 5.5"x15" 24F-V8 (VG Western DF, balanced) spanning 32' at 90D/120L (live roof will control if you've got a 25lb ground snow and a 12/12 pitch unless you have a very unusual site). Just to check, the 5-1/8x15 is showing L/351,with bending & shear OK.

I would definitely go with the load sharing approach (vs Truss), since it looks like your chords are easily sufficient to carry the loads. If you do decide to go with both beams, I would echo the suggestion made earlier that you consider bracing the bottom "chord". Alternatively, make the top "joints" slip so that the bottom chord doesn't carry load until the top beam is near maximum allowed deflection.


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