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RE: Masonry allowable bearing stress vs. wood brng stress

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Because without observation of the mixing and placing of the mortar, the assumption is that the mortar strength is basically cr*p.


I’ve seen mortar that was most definitely weaker than good wood.



Jason Kilgore

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Kansas City, Missouri

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Subject: Masonry allowable bearing stress vs. wood brng stress


Why is masonry allowable bearing stress much less than wood allowable perpendicular to grain bearing stress?  The 1997 UBC section 2107.2.10 equation 7-23 states Fbr = 0.26f'm and that would be 390 psi for f'm=1500 psi.  Without special inspection the 390 is reduced to 195 psi.  However, perp-to-grain bearing on DF-L is 625 psi.