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Re: Mtl. Studs Exterior Wall Anchorage

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Carpenters tend to prefer the PAF's for ease of use.  I also did a bit of prefabriacted LG panel design and they were often fastened with Powers(Rawl) Spike, Drive or Wedgebolt at 32"-48" o.c.  Those seemed to be the fastener types of choice for ease of installation.  Those panels were all 16ga studs and track or heavier, so we felt the 48" spacing was sometimes acceptable.  Bolts had to be used because the panels were set on shims up to 1" thick.  Also keep an eye out for track material bearing with PAF's.  I forget the cutoff, but I recall they can be limited by thinner track sections.
Jim Wilson

richard lewis <rlewistx(--nospam--at)> wrote:
What is the common way of anchoring exterior metal stud walls to the
concrete slab? are 1/2" dia. anchor bolts @ some spacing like 4-6 ft. on
center typically used, or is it commonly down with powder actuated



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