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Re: Alternate design of slender concrete walls

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FWIW, Section 14.8 of ACI 318-99 is basically what is contained in UBC
1914.8, but has been "converted" to factored load design from the working
stress.  So, it appears that both are based upon the same principles.

And yes, I believe that you are limited to a simply support wall (i.e.
supported at top of wall and bottom of wall) with a uniform lateral load.
I believe that this method is based upon those basic assumptions and would
require modifications to the deflection terms if nothing else if you were
to goto a continuous span.

And, FWIW, it did go through originally...I was waiting to see if someone
could give you a more definitive answer before I responded.


Adrian, MI

On Fri, 10 Sep 2004, Joseph  Grill wrote:

> I don't know if this did or didn't go through, since there were no comments from the original post Tuesday, but I thought I would try it again.  Part 2 is the more important question to me even if there is no reply to the "freeware or shareware" portion of the question.
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>   Subject: Alternate design of slender concrete walls
>   Last week I ask a question as to design of ICF concrete walls.  In particular at heavily loaded jamb sections.  Although I was hoping I wouldn't have to, I did have to look at sections where the foam webs have been removed to allow a full thickness to the section for a particular length of the jamb.  In my case I will have an 8" x 24" concrete section.  I have a case where the wall is a story and a half high due to a crawlspace.  The upper portion of the wall will have a kl/r > 100 so I can't use the magnified moment method.  I have several questions due to this situation.
>     1.. The home is in a '97 UBC jurisdiction; therefore section 1914.8 could be used for the design.  I have a fine example by Ben Yousefi, SE in his Structural Engineering Review Manual.  Is there any software (hopefully free) readily available for download, that will do these calculations.  They appear to be quite time consuming.  I can do it by hand if need be, but I have several sections to do and it will take a long time to go through all the load cases.
>     2.. ACI 318-99 has an "Alternate design of slender walls" however there is a limitation to simply supported walls.  Does that mean (I'm afraid it does) simply supported laterally?  In another words, can a wall that is multiple spans be checked with this method, and I guess why not if the wall is more than a single story height or in my case a tall wall with a crawlspace below, but tied into a floor system.  In my case I have a 22' height above the floor and a 9' height below the floor.  If this method can be used for my situation is it acceptable to use it since it is similar to the '97 UBC method but in a newer code?  And again is there any software available for this method.
>   Thanks,
>   Joe Grill

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