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Re: Eagle Engineer

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It's good to hear from you! How did you and your garage door fair thru


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Subject: Eagle Engineer

I did not see on his website where he claimed to be a PE, but I do like
Cliff's theory. Perhaps between memorizing hundreds of plays and watching
hours of tape in between practices, he is running some RAM models on his lap

"Maybe the guy is actually participating in some project work, I don't =
know. But more than likely he is just a majority owner, which allows = his
firm to satisfy any DBE or MBE requirements for projects that in = turn puts
the other guy in the picture to work."

However, this comment I find to be a bit presumptuous and insulting, as if
to say this guy is only listed as an owner for a minority handout. If it was
a white guy doing the same thing everyone would comment on his
entrepeneurialship. A better point may be that he uses his fame, status, and
million dollar paychecks to invest and promote a healthy business. Seems
pretty smart to me whether he is there every day or not, he is carving out a
nice career for himself when his body gives out and he has 30 more years to
fill up with something besides golf and frozen drinks next to the pool.....

Andrew Kester, PE

Longwood, FL

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