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Re: conveyor belt

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On Sep 14, 2004, at 9:30 AM, Junata wrote:

Is there any one that has an information of how to calculate the forces that produced by the conveyor belt
This gets a little trickier than your question implies. vertical loading gets carried into the conveyor supports, and you should expect static vertical loading equal to the capacity of the conveyor with probably dynamic amplification of two overall and proportionately more if product gets dumped on the conveyor from any appreciable height.

Horizontal loading may or may not be limited by frictional contact at the belt. You'll need to assess this from the intended service. The limiting load will likely relate to the stall torque of the motor which drives the belt and trace how that load is transferred between the product and the motor supports. There are also cornering loads associated with product rounding a bend. The forces are associated with a change in momentum when moving product changes direction.

You best bet is to talk with the people who specified the conveyor system to get a feel for the loads they anticipated in the design and what they think in the way conveyor support. The if you have any questions get in touch with the conveyor supplier. The supplier won't do your engineering for you, but he can provide guidance in how the system transfers service loads. (Service loads??!! Did I just say service loads?? Eeewww, gross...)

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